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FAQ´s General

If you have a question that isn’t mentioned below don’t hesitate in filling out our contact form for a prompt and detailed response

Why choose CsureMar

Every aspect of our services we will provide you with personal and professional approach.

How do I become a Dealer for Bilgeaway

Contact CsureMar using the following email address or fill out the contact form

Bilgeaway Guarantees...

If in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with any of our Bilgeaway products, you can receive subject to approval of Csuremar a money back guarantee up to 30 days after purchase.

Where is CsureMar Located

Santa Ponsa, Palma de Mallorca

FAQ´s Bilgeaway

How does it work

Bilgeaway locks in contaminants into its unique filter material and renders them non harmful

How do I fit it

Fitting is simple – just connect it between the bilge pump and the hull outlet installation instructions will be in your Bilgeaway box

How long will my Bilgeaway Filter last.

Dependant of use, your cartridge should last a year, for larger oil spills we recommend a soak´it up pillow prior to using the bilge pump.

How do I dispose of a used cartridge.

The contents of the cartridge can be composted once used giving environmental peace of mind

Where do I get replacement Cartridges.

Cartridges can be ordered from CsureMar directly or from your local dealer.

How much oil will a Bilgeaway filter hold.

One cartridge will hold 0.5 litres before needing replacing.

Does a Soak´it up pillow float.

Soak it up pillows absorb 4 litres. Booms absorb 6 litres of contaminants.

Can you join soak´it up booms together

Yes, the booms come in 2 metre lengths and have eyelets so can be joined at to make any length you require.

FAQ´s Chasing drones

Can I Buy OR Rent a drone from CsureMar

Yes you can Buy OR Rent from CsureMar by using the contact form giving your requirements and model you’re interested in.

Do I need a license to operate an underwater drone

No, you do not need a license to operate an underwater drone.

How deep will a drone go

Depths vary according to the model

What Guarantee do I have on my drone

Drone parts are guaranteed up to 24 months depending on the part warranty starts from the purchase date of the end user. For further information on specific parts and warranty contact CsureMar directly

What can I use an underwater drone for

Underwater drones can be used for varying tasks, including hull inspections, environmental assessments, water tank and swimming pool checks and many others.